Hello I am Steve and I have been helping householders in the Solihull area for many years remove unwanted items and "rubbish".

What makes my service different to having a skip is we can do the loading!

House clearances are welcome

Hedges trimmed and cuttings removed.

Fences repaired and the old panels disposed of.

A service not listed? Please give me a call 07958 59 58 36 with many years experience clearing rubbish and helping landlords and residents tidy up, we have tackled pretty well every job imaginable.

Why We Are Cheaper Than A Franchise...

Solihull Rubbish Removal are much cheaper than a franchise -

  • No high overheads
  • No expensive franchise licence charges which have to be built in to our prices
  • We are under the threshold for having to be VAT registered so there is another 20% saving for our customers.

But you can be confident we will dispose of your unwanted items correctly - Solihull Rubbish Removal is a licenced waste carrier CBDU194369



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